Privacy Policy

FMR is the core avenue to fulfill market research requirements, including tailored market reports for decision-makers like you. Our reports offer useful insights, structured data sets, demographic specific data, and targeted market. We guide our clients with relevant publishers and share their accounts based on their expertise for meeting your requirements. We track data insights backed by statistics and references from the trending information in all kinds of avenues.

Our Commitment to Privacy

We uphold privacy issues with utmost care and attention. Our privacy policy entails detailed online information practices that include collection and usage of personal information. We keep the information accessible to the users and furnish proofs whenever requested.

Security and Integrity of Information

Information security is of paramount business in our line of business. We secure data during transmission by using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, encrypting all the information that is keyed in by the users. We also safeguard our systems from unauthorized access to your account with due IT security policies.

Legal Disclaimer

FMR reserves the right to reveal personal information if the disclosure is crucial to secure our data rights or to meet the needs of legal proceedings, court orders, or lawsuit served on our website.

FMR puts in all the efforts and tenets to secure private info from hacking and unauthorized access. Our experts are well versed with a number of security technologies and implement relevant procedures that ensure prompt security of private information. We store personal information of all the users on computer systems with limited accessibility in secure facilities.

Data Retention

We retain personal information and data for a stipulated period as per compliance measures and legal obligations to serve our legitimate interests as a market research consultancy.

Pertaining to Use of Your Information

FMR does not sell, rent, share or exchange any kind of personal information. Although we utilize third parties for offering some services on our website, we do not allow them to retain, share, sell, store or use personal information of any kind as mentioned below:


We share contact information with publisher(s) based on the reports you buy. The publisher(s) sends marketing mailers to your contact. You can contact the publisher directly to opt-out from their mailing lists.

Service Providers

Our publishers sometimes, utilize diverse delivery service providers to send publications directly to your contact address. Publishers receive your contact information only during this instance.

Credit Card Processing

Your credit card purchase of a report would imply that the credit card processing service provider would undergo credit card verification for billing purposes. The name and contact information will be shared with the publisher of the report you need for billing purposes.

Tracking Service

Sometimes, a third-party service provider can place cookies on the FMR website to track sales generated from marketing campaigns. These cookies collect info in aggregation and not in detail with no link to personal information. The tracking service employs software technology like Web Beacons to manage content on the website, even offering recommendations to buyers. Sometimes these services like Clear gifs track online movements of users. FMR will use these tracking agents to ascertain the success of its marketing programs.

Cookies and their use on FMR website

FMR utilizes cookies, which are alphanumeric identifiers that the site transfers to your computer to recognize the browser and its activity between visits. You can prevent browsers from accepting new cookies, notify you of new cookies, or disable them altogether. However, cookies permit users to check out the best market research report offerings from and we we highly recommend that you activate your cookies for best results.

Attempting to probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of the website, or any system or network, or to breach security or authentication measures without proper consent.

    We do not allow users to do any of the following on the FMR website:
  • Interfere with service to any person, host, or network without restriction, overloading, "flooding", "spamming", "mail bombing," or "crashing" the website for any reason

  • Utilize the FMR website to send unsolicited email, promotions, advertisements etc.

  • Forging TCP/IP packet header or header data element in any e-mail or use the same in communication

  • Attempt to alter, decompile, disassemble, or reverse-engineer, or reduce source code, trying to breach system or network security will lead to criminal accountability

Cancellation and Refund Policy

At FMR, we uphold a strict "no return" policy for all deliverables. Reports, once ordered and dispatched cannot be returned. Upon payment, the company will not accept any kind of cancellation of transaction. Contact the FMR team or customer service representatives in case of doubts, before placing an order by clicking the buy button on the FMR report checkout screen, or by email ordering or by ordering through phone call.

All purchases made on the FMR website are deemed final. Once reports are discharged from the website, FMR is in no position to accept the return of products, or offer reimbursement for the orders.