Refund Policy

This is a binding agreement, activated with every purchase of products/ research reports from Market Research Forecast (“FMR”), using a website at Fortune Market Report you ("You","Purchaser","User") agree to comply with this “Agreement”. In case you don’t agree with terms of the Agreement, you are not allowed to place an order on FMR.

Considering the nature of market research reports, FMR does not allow refunds for any purchases done through the Website. Any alterations or customizations of the reports will be at the discretion of FMR and the publishers.


All logos are owned by FMR or its licensors and users are not allowed to copy or use them for any personal or commercial purposes.

Single User License

The purchase of electronic copy of a market research report's acquisition implies a contractual arrangement involving the Purchaser and FMR. You may access and download reports on your system for usage, adhering to copyright rules and other notices. You are allowed to print only a single copy of any report you download from FMR website. You may not republish or distribute the reports, as they are not explicitly permitted in in the confines of this Agreement.

Multi-User License

If you purchase a multi-user license of the market research report from FMR, up to five users are permitted to access and download the reports and view its contents. The Purchaser could print up to five copies of the reports and may not republish or distribute them or do anything that is not explicitly permitted in this agreement.

Enterprise License

If you purchase the enterprise license of the reports from the FMR website, your acquisition signifies a contractual arrangement between you “User” and FMR. You can access and download the reports as can endless users who can view the reports and its content. You may not be permitted to republish or distribute the contents of the reports, or do anything that is explicitly not permitted in this Agreement.

Prohibited Uses

As part of the agreement, you are prohibited from violating safety attributes of the website. You are not allowed to obtain content not meant for you personally, or access resources that you are not authorized to access.